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Author information

Sankar Datta is the Dean, Livelihood School, Hyderabad and Director, Indian Grameen Services, Hyderabad. He worked with MP Oilseeds Cooperative Federation, PRADAN and IIM-Ahmedabad, before joining the faculty of Institute of Rural Management, Anand for five years. Dr Datta has been involved in extending professional services for rural development activities, specially focusing on livelihood promotion, working with micro-enterprises for over two decades. He was the co-editor of last year's State of India's Livelihoods Report (SOIL) by SAGE.
Orlanda Ruthven has researched and consulted in the field of employment and labour standards since 2003, most recently for the Orissa-based skills provider Gram Tarang and the London-based ethical trading consultancy Impactt. Previous to this, she researched on financial management and inclusion, culminating in the co-authored book Portfolios of the Poor (Princeton, 2009). She has also worked as a private sector advisor for DFID. She has a PhD in Development Studies (Oxford, 2008) and a Masters in Anthropology of Development (SOAS London, 1994).
Vipin Sharma is the CEO, ACCESS Development Services. He has earlier worked in CARE-India as Programme Director, Microfinance, heading CASHE (Credit and Savings for Household Enterprises), CARE's largest microfinance programme worldwide. Prior to that, he was Executive Director, Rural Non-Farm Development Agency (RUDA), Government of Rajasthan. He was the co-editor of the State of India's Livelihoods Report 2010, SOIL, (SAGE) with Sankar Datta.

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