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  • houndbee
  • Posted: SwB Team
  • Dated: 02 June , 2010
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Agents of Integration

Many of the theses produced by students of the JNU come out as books. Samson S. Chiru who studied in the Centre for International Diplomacy and Politics in the School of International Studies writes of the role of Baptist missionaries in the north-east.

American Baptist Mission: Integrating Agent of Nagas into Indian Union is a very detailed and comprehensive work on a subject of significance, regarding the Politico-religious history of North-East India. The study deals with the role of the Christian Missionaries in the North-east, in particular the role of the American Baptist Mission and its Pioneering Service rendered in Nagaland and Manipur.

Tracing the growth of the Baptist church and its work in these states, in particular Nagaland, the author rightly points out that the seeds of progress, growth and overall development, inter-alia the political, were sown by the early Christian Missionaries from the US and UK, who sacrificed a great deal for the cause of human development in Nagaland/Manipur.

The advent of Christianity in the North-East has led to westernization and the waning and withering of traditional mores and standards in tribal societies. The establishement of Churches based on distinct tribes in Nagaland as highlighted in the study was encouraged by the missionaries accepting the divergence and singular traits of the several tribes in Nagaland, hence the formation of tribe based Baptist Churches. Although the realm of Christendom is distinct from worldly matters, the author has rightly pointed out the distinct note the church has had in political developments. The church has played a positive role in the several peace accords worked out between the government and the rebels over the years since the formation of the state, which to an extent has minimized violence and the concomitant action by both the security forces and insurgents.

In our Politics section, in hardcover, 278 pages, Rs 790. ISBN Number : 9788187365518

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