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  • houndbee
  • Posted: SwB Team
  • Dated: 30 October , 2007
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Olympiad Training Kits

Doing well in examinations is one of the things we seem to be good at… and proud of. There are a number of Olympiads, examinations at the school level that gauge the potential of students in different areas, and of these the Maths one has been around the longest, delighting examinees with questions that tease and teach…

An example (taken from the junior level, the JMO, and just to give you a sample) :
P is a point inside the tri
angle ABC. Lines are drawn through P parallel to the sides of the triangle. The three resulting triangles with a vertex at P have areas 4, 9 and 49. What is the area of triangle ABC?

A number of books are available now to ensure that once you spot your budding Gauss or Noether, you can nurture him or her… The Universities Press, Hyderabad, is a great source for easy to read, challenging books on a number of topics in mathematics. Shailesh Shirali’s various books on Number Theory, or his Adventures in Problem Solving, or Delampady, Krishnan and Ramasubramaniam’s Probablity and Statistics, collections of essays from Resonance and the like. All can be ordered from SwB.

There are a number of reprints also available in India, most notably those by Titu Andreescu and his coauthors. Mathematical Olympiad Treasures and Mathematical Olympiad Challenges are two of the titles, but there are more resources. For instance, the Mathematical Association of India based in New Delhi has apparently brought out reprints of Murray Klamkin’s International Mathematics Olympiads series. And Anthem Press reprinted the series on the IMO, Vols. I-III by Istvan Reiman. All very useful for doing the exams and sharpening ones skills…

The last few titles are not listed on Scholars since we don’t typically list reprints. They are nevertheless interesting because there are remarkably few books available for this interest group. Should you need them- and we hope there are many budding mathematicians out there- do write in to us. We’re more than happy to send them to you!

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