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  • houndbee
  • Posted: SwB Team
  • Dated: 29 January , 2014
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Well-Being in India and Re-Thinking India

Well-Being in India: Studies in Anthropometric History by Lance Brennan, John McDonald And Ralph Shlo from Readworthy Publications.

By using data on the height and weight of Indians, measured in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for commercial or scientific reasons, the studies in this book trace trends in rural well-being in North and South India over time, and consider the comparative well-being of different groups of men and women. 

It also addresses questions of infant and child health, and examines the influence of reservation for social groups on the physical markers of well-being.

In our Anthropology  section, Rs. 995, in hardback, xvi+286 pages, ISBN: 9789350183748

Re-Thinking India: Perceptions from Australia by  Lance Brennan And Auriol Weigold from Readworthy Publications.

The ties between India and Australia stem from the early nineteenth century, initially in trade, and then, as parts of the British Empire, together playing significant roles in both World Wars. Since Indian independence there has been a developing relationship, recently expressed in the IOR-ARC where Australia succeeded India as Chair in 2013. Cooperation continues on initiatives from security and environmental issues, to energy and education.

The breadth of interests covered by the essays in this collection reflects the diverse concerns of those in Australia with an academic interest in India. The essays range from discussions of India’s diplomatic relationships and energy strategy to analyses of communalism and the strength of village elites, and on to considerations of the fundamentals of Hinduism. The contributors come from equally wide backgrounds, reflecting the complexion of Australian academia.
In our Politics and Strategic Affairs  section, Rs. 995, in hardback, xxii+287 pages, ISBN: 9789350183762

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