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Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

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The devastation wrought by the Communists Chinese takeover of Tibet in 1959 has rendered the existence of Tibetan culture in peril. Scores of learning centres, ancient manuscripts, artefacts and countless other aspects of Tibetan cultural heritage have either been plundered or destroyed under the garb of modernity. Realizing the impending threat and precariousness of the situation His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama conceived of and founded the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives to restore, protect, preserve and promote the culture. In 2006, the National Manuscripts Mission, an initiative of the Government of India, appointed the institute as one of the National Manuscripts Resource Centres.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To preserve, promote and disseminate Tibetan culture
  • To acquire, preserve and conserve Tibetan Books and Manuscripts
  • To provide reading materials and intensive reference services
  • To provide and publish bibliographies and documentation list
  • To provide, publish and supply copies of reference materials
  • To act as a comprehensive reference centre for Tibetan studies.

The LTWA also serves as a repository for Tibetan artefacts, statues, manuscripts, Thangkas (traditional scroll paintings), photographs and a variety of other resources attributing to Tibetan culture. It is not only a library, a museum and an archive but also an academic institute where cultural and educational courses are offered regularly and where seminars, conferences, workshops and lecture series are held, providing wider avenues of learning and sharing the knowledge that help promote an environment fostering research and an exchange of knowledge among scholars, researchers, students and interested general public.


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