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Marg Publications

Marg is a noted quarterly Indian art magazine and a publisher of books on the arts, based in Mumbai. It was first published in 1946, with noted writer, Mulk Raj Anand as its founding editor, who intended it to be a "loose encyclopaedia of the arts of India and related civilisations."

The magazine was mainly funded by J.R.D. Tata of the Tata Group at its inception, later on after 1951 and until 1986, it was mostly funded by the Tata Group companies, then the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) was formed as a trust, and the magazine has since then been funded by it, though many of the Tata Group companies continued to sponsor it.

Today, it is edited by noted art historian, Pratapaditya Pal and Marg Publications is one of the three leading serious art book publishers in India along with India Book House and Mapin Publishing, and is run as an Not-for-profit organization, issuing subsidized magazines, with the help of corporate and private sponsorship.

Each year, apart from its four quarterly issues it also published four books, a few hardbound special editions, single author titles, and guides on Indian art; over the years it has also produced a few films.

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