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 Sarai is a programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies,  one of India’s leading research institutes with a commitment to critical and dissenting thought and a focus on critically expanding the horizons of the discourse on development, particularly with reference to South Asia. They are a coalition of researchers and practitioners with a commitment towards developing a model of research-practice that is public and creative, in which multiple voices express and render themselves in a variety of forms.


CSDS, founded in 1964, is one of India's best-known independent research institutes. Bringing together some of South Asia's best known thinkers and writers, the CSDS has played an important part in shaping the intellectual and creative map of this part of the world. The CSDS' research has focused on democratic politics, cultures and the politics of knowledge, critical discourses on science and technology, and violence, ethnicity and diversity. Added to this has been an important new programme of the Centre: Sarai, which reflects the Centre's very contemporary concerns in intellectually and creatively addressing issues of the new millennium.

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