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Shiv Sena Women

This fascinating book, based on Atreyee Sen’s immersion in the low-income, working-class slums of Bombay, tells the story of the women and children of the Hindu right wing party, the Shiv Sena, in Western India. The women’s front of the Sena, known as the ‘Mahila Aghadui’, has been instrumental in creating and sustaining communal violence, and the infamous Hindu-Muslim riots of 1992-3 brought them into the limelight.
Sen charts the Aghadi’s transformation from a support group into a militant and partially autonomous women’s task force. She turns feminist scholarship on its head by documenting a situation where women have become the primary retainers and perpetrators of a violent nationalistic discourse, acquiring social and economic status either by default or as reward.

Author: Atreyee Sen
Year: 2008
Price: Rs. 395
Publisher: Zubaan Books
ISBN 13: 978818988482

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Author Information & Reviews 
Gender Studies

Table of contents
Table of contents

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