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The SwB Store is divided into a number of ministores, each listing different products such as for Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Music CDs, Documentaries, Journal Subscriptions, Educational Material Maps and so on. The Books Ministore is what we have started with, and from time to time we will add more.


The Book Review


The Book Review, a monthly journal of reviews and articles, was founded in 1976. It provides critical, in-depth reviews of books published in India and abroad on a variety of subjects.

TBR Single issue (tell us which one!)
Price: Rs.80
TBR Annual Institutional subscription within India
Price: Rs.1,500
TBR Annual Individual subscription outside India/SAARC
Price: Rs.2,700
TBR Annual Institutional subscription outside India/SAARC
Price: Rs.4,050
TBR Annual Individual subscription within India
Price: Rs.1,000
Editor: Chandra Chari and Uma Iyengar
Publisher: The Book Review Literary Trust
Frequency: Monthly
Language: English

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Author Information & Reviews 

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