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Moving Worlds. A journal of transcultural writings


 Moving Worlds is a forum for creative work as well as criticism, literary as well as visual texts, writing in scholarly as well as more personal modes, in English and translations into English. It is open to experimentation, and represents work of different kinds and from different cultural traditions. It reappraises acknowledged achievements and promotes fresh talent. Its central concern – the transcultural – is the movement of cultures across national boundaries, and the productive transformations resulting from these crisscrossings. Its outreach is regional, national and international, that is, towards the diversity and richness of global/local communities.


Moving Worlds is a biannual international magazine. Each issue will highlight a particular theme and also carry material of general interest.

The journal is sustained by a sense of history – Leeds has a pioneering role in the field of Commonwealth and Postcolonial studies – and so is committed to the politics of resistance and reinvention in a post-imperial world. It is impelled by a keen awareness of the marked developments and changes which have taken place in the field in the last 30 years, in other words, a pressing need to explore new work, new directions and new perspectives…

Published by Moving Worlds at the School of English, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK. 


MW Single issues
Price: Rs.1,050
MW Annual Student Subscription
Price: Rs.850
MW Annual Institutional subscription
Price: Rs.4,250
MW Annual Individual subscription
Price: Rs.2,125
Editor: Shirley Chew
Publisher: University of Leeds
Frequency: Twice a year
Language: English
ISSN: 1474-4600

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