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National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation


A very large number of maps and atlases are available from NATMO. This page is a partial listing of the Atlases only. Their functions, as listed on their homepage, are

  • Compilation of the National Atlas of India 
  • Preparation of the National Atlas maps in regional languages. 
  •  Preparation of thematic maps based on research studies on environmental and  associated aspects and their impact on social and economic development 
  • Installation of automated Mapping System for increasing speed and efficiency in  mapping 
  • Digital mapping System & Digitized and Scanning of existing maps on  digital format
  • Remote Sensing & GIS, Digital Image processing 
  • Cartography for the Visually Impaired




Water Resources Development Atlas of India

 This Atlas contains 33 plates, which present a wide variety of information related to...

Price: Rs.650
Socio-Economic Atlas of India

 Contents: Preface. 1. Administrative. 2. Physical. 3. Climate. 4. Soil cover. 5. Irrigation. 6. Natural...

Price: Rs.400
Atlas of Kolkata

 Contents: Preface. Kolkata- the city of joy. Kolkata dateline. How to use the Atlas. Growth...

Price: Rs.600
National Atlas of India (Abridged Edition - English)

30 Maps: India - administrative (1:6,000,000). 2. India - physiography (1:6,000,000). 3. India - rock...

Price: Rs.1,000

Product detail:

 The Atlases of NATMO are the definitive references. Sizes are variable, and all are published under the editorship of the Director & Surveyor General of India.

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